Creating an equitable world

through innovative and

inclusive technologies

Our website is currently under review. We are still testing to create the most accessible website we can. 

     We want to get people 

to places, allow them to choose their own way, giving them the freedom to explore without boundaries, and make them feel confident and included.

Euan, Founder

Our aim is to help people find their way indoors. 


SIMO is Simple Information for Mobility and Orientation.

We do research & design, and dedicate ourselves to developing safe, inclusive and accessible products.

" There are over

1 million people in Australia with some form of vision loss. "

SIMOproject co-researches and co-designs with our users and broader community.

Our design philosophy is strongly focused on inclusive design principles. 


We couldn't do without the support

of these groups and organisations

Vision Australia Logo web link
Balsamiq logo web link
Faculty of Engineering, University of New South Wales
RSID Pty LTD weblink
Wayfindr web link
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